Anti-stress massage in Moscow for everybody. Sporting massage for man, anti-cellulite for woman.
                                          Massage in Moscow.     
Enjoy your perfect massage in Moscow!!!
        Anti-stress massage for you: classical, aroma, thai or SPA.
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Massage for you in Moscow:
- Anti-stress classical massage for everybody,
- aromatherapy oil body massage,
- thai oil massage for everybody,
- sporting massage for men,
- anti-cellulite massage for women
- medical massage.
1 hour of Massage is equivalent to 7 hours of sleep for the body!
How massage works:
Efficient blood flow is important to every system of the body and massage therapy
helps improve circulation by aiding the movement of blood through the veins toward
the heart.  In turn, fresh blood moves through the arteries bringing oxygen and other
nourishing materials to cells throughout the body.
     This kind of healthy circulation helps us to think more clearly, metabolize food
more efficiently, and possibly even resist disease.  With proper circulation, poisonous
waste materials exit the body, including lactic acid which stores itself in the tired
muscles we have from exercise or overuse.
     Massage also has a tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system by
triggering the release of hormones called endorphins.  These natural pain killers can
leave us deeply relaxed with a sense of well-being.
           My prices for all types of massage:
        You can pay in rubles and euro.
              1 hour - 4500 rub
         1,5 hour - 7000 rub
        2 hours - 9000 rub
Call and text me Now: + 7 (915) 450 56 06 (WhatsApp and  Viber)